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What we do

Private Equity with Purpose

We back management teams to transform their businesses.

We think creatively and embrace complexity.

We are operational not financial.

We create long-term value through transformation.


We focus on making transformational investments in defensible businesses. Transformational means we want to improve, grow and strengthen businesses.

We work with management teams to develop a transformational business plan. The plan is multi dimensional, focusing on all aspects of the business.

We are operationally focused and want to do something with the businesses we back.

Our team of investment professionals is highly entrepreneurial with extensive experience in private equity, consulting and management.

We are supported by a board of senior advisors and network of industry experts who provide specific industry knowledge and insights as well as introductions.

Sector expertise

What we like…

Defensibility through high barriers to entry, significant market share, long-term customer relationships and unique resources.

Regulation, licensing and certification in sectors with a stable and positive regulatory environment.

A Pan-European view but where market features are local.

Complexity of business model, of transaction, of ownership structure where a creative or differentiated approach is required.

Opportunity for acquisitions, disposals, new market entry, new product development and operational optimisation.

Agilitas focuses on making transformational investments in defensible businesses. The team was founded in 2011 by an experienced and successful team of former colleagues who had previously invested €1.5bn in 28 private equity transactions across Europe.

The team combines private equity, M&A, consulting and operational skills and is truly European, consisting of 7 different nationalities and speaking 12 languages.

Amol Judge joined the investment team of Agilitas in November 2020. Amol started his career in investment banking and has been working in private equity since 2017.

Amol holds a BA in Economics from the University of Oslo. He speaks Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Punjabi, Hindi, and English.

Anaël Le Youdec joined the investment team of Agilitas in May 2019. Anaël started her career in banking. She held investment banking roles in New York and London.

Anaël holds a MSc in Management from EM Lyon business school in France and holds a certificate program degree from the University of California Los Angeles. She speaks French and English.

Anne-Claire de Pompignan is Head of Investor Relations. She has over fifteen years of private equity and private debt experience, focusing on Capital Markets and investing private debt in pan-European mid-market buy-outs.

Anne-Claire is a native French speaker and holds a post graduate degree from University Paris-IX Dauphine.

Anne-Marie Laing is a Transformation Consultant at Agilitas. She has helped management teams for over 20 years to improve their operational performance and has led a number of transformational projects across multiple sectors, predominately in Europe.

Anne-Marie commenced her career at Arthur Andersen before working at Zolfo Cooper and most recently at AlixPartners. She is a fellow of the ICAEW.

Antoine Rouland has been working in private equity since 2011. Prior to that, Antoine spent four years in the French Army before becoming a Project Manager with Booz & Company.

Antoine trained as an engineer and obtained an MEng from the French Military Academy of Saint-Cyr. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and speaks French and English.

Arnaud Moreels joined the investment team of Agilitas in April 2022. Arnaud has been working in private equity since 2014. Prior to that, he spent 4 years in the Investment Banking division of JP Morgan in London .

Arnaud holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Université Saint-Louis in Brussels and a Master’s degree from Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. He speaks French, Spanish and English.

Debojit Mukherjee acts as Chief Operating Officer at Agilitas, having worked as COO and CFO with private equity firms in London since 2009.

Debojit started his career at Barclays Capital and holds a BSc in Economics from University College London and is a fellow of the ICAEW.

Kevin Iermiin started his private equity career at Agilitas. Prior to joining Agilitas, he held investment banking roles in London and Copenhagen and served as a First Lieutenant in the Royal Danish Army.

Kevin holds an MSc in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School and speaks both Danish and English.

Liam Goddard joined the Agilitas investment team in May 2016 and has over ten years of private equity experience. Prior to that, Liam was a strategy consultant for Accenture.

Liam holds a MA in Computer Science from Cambridge University.

Martin Calderbank has been working in private equity since 1995. With many years of experience in the industry, Martin focuses on the unique attribute of private equity over other equity models: the ability to support strong managers leading their companies through transformational change.

Martin started his career with McKinsey. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MA in Mathematics from Cambridge University. He speaks English and French.

Nadja Goldbach joined the investment team of Agilitas in May 2021. Prior to that, she had been a management consultant for Kearney, a strategy consultant for Monitor Deloitte and had worked for a technology-focused mid-market private equity firm based in Silicon Valley and London .

Nadja holds a MSc in Development Economics from the London School of Economics and a BA in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford. Nadja speaks German, English, French and Spanish.

Niklas Quadt joined the investment team of Agilitas in April 2021. Niklas has been working in private equity since 2018. Prior to that, he worked for management consulting firm Oliver Wyman in London and Munich.

Niklas holds an MBA from London Business School and a BSc in Business Administration and Management from the University of Mannheim in Germany. Niklas is fluent in German and English.

Panos Loizou is a Transformation Consultant at Agilitas. He has held senior non-executive roles in private equity firms since 2000, contributing operational and restructuring expertise. Panos started his career with OC&C and held executive positions at GE and Pepsico.

Panos holds an MBA from IMD Business School and a PhD and BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. He speaks Greek and English.

Philip Krinks is an ESG Transformation Consultant, focusing on all aspects of Agilitas’s approach to responsible investment and sustainable value creation. Prior to Agilitas, Philip spent 15 years at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He also spent ten years as Director at The Saint Martin’s Partnership helping social enterprises, charities, and public bodies to grow and develop sustainably through expertise in finance, planning, management, and organisation.

Philip holds an MA in Classics from Oxford, an MBA from INSEAD and a PhD in Ethics from London University.

Saad Akram is a Transformation Consultant at Agilitas focussing on sourcing and executing acquisition and financing opportunities within portfolio companies. Previously he held investment banking roles and started his career as an Engineer at Nokia.

Saad holds an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth Business School and an MSc in Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. He speaks both Danish and English.

Sandra Jacobsson is a team assistant. Before joining Agilitas, Sandra worked in sales and administrative positions within the fashion and technology industries.

Sandra speaks Swedish and English.

Tobias started his private equity career in 2009 in Germany when he joined Aurelius Investment. Prior to that, Tobias worked as an investment analyst for Prolimity Capital Partners.

Tobias holds a MSc in Business and Finance from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. He is fluent in German and English.

Torbjorn Midsem has worked with private equity firms in London and Stockholm and has contributed to a range of acquisitions since 2002.

Torbjorn holds an MSc in Economics and Business Administration from NHH (Norway) and speaks Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English and German.

Verdeep Dost joined the investment team of Agilitas in August 2021. Prior to that, he held investment roles focusing on the infrastructure space at Hermes GPE and Macquarie Group.

Verdeep holds a BA in Mathematics from the University of Oxford.


2013 Fund
Environmental Services


Reconor (formerly known as MH Gruppen) is one of the leading environmental services companies in Denmark, with a focus on the Copenhagen area. It is active in soil remediation and the collection, sorting, treatment and recycling of waste.

Investment Rationale

Soil Remediation is highly regulated in Denmark. Only companies with accredited sites at the right locations can provide these services. Underlying market growth driven by increasingly stringent regulation, higher recycling rate and pipeline of publicly-funded infrastructure construction projects.


Replicate unique business model and position achieved in the Copenhagen area in the rest of Denmark, transforming MH Gruppen into a national champion.


Danoffice IT
2015 Fund

Danoffice IT

DanOffice is a global value added reseller of Information Technology & Information Systems to international organisations and businesses operating worldwide. It provides IT hardware, services and solutions to international organisations working across borders, including developing and emerging markets.

Investment Rationale

DanOffice combines a stable and defensible customer base with a know-how for delivery into complex environments and deep supplier relationships, providing a strong platform for broadening the service offering and expanding the customer base.


Continue the development from a value added reseller, mostly focused on selling computer hardware, into a global Information Technology and Communications products and services provider to global clients.


Hydro International
2015 Fund
Environmental Technologies

Hydro International

Hydro International is a leading global provider of advanced products, services and technology for the treatment of wastewater and the control of stormwater, for municipal, industrial and construction customers.

Investment Rationale

Water management is an area of increasing government focus, as water scarcity grows in importance as a global issue, linked to increased population size, growing urbanisation and climate change. Hydro International is a technology leader in all its niches, and its customers rely upon the Company to improve their water management processes and operational performance, whilst reducing environmental impact. The company has a track record of growth and momentum with attractive financial characteristics, a strong management team and significant opportunities for transformation.


Accelerate the Company’s strategy to become a diversified global leader in its segments, and accelerate growth into services and industrial end markets.


2015 Fund


Cibicom (previously Teracom Danmark) is the nationwide transmitter of digital terrestrial TV and radio and the sole independent telecom co-location operator through its tower infrastructure network.

Investment Rationale

Highly defensible business: reliability of transmission is key, demand is not discretionary, and pricing and competition are regulated by law. Cibicom is the only operator in Denmark with towers higher than 100 meters allowing digital terrestrial TV and radio broadcasters as well as mobile network operators to meet their government mandated universal coverage obligations cost-effectively. Cibicom owns a well-invested national network with significant opportunities for transformation.


Invest in and leverage the infrastructure network to drive growth from the exponential use of data consumption, in particular Data Centres and Internet of Things. Increase service offering.


Learning Curve Group
2015 Fund
Education and Training

Learning Curve Group

Learning Curve Group ("LCG") is a leading UK training and education specialist. It provides more than 150 courses for 120,000 learners and 4,500 employers p.a. across a variety of sectors including Health & Social Care, Education, Business & IT, Hair & Beauty and Fitness. It offers life-changing opportunities, helping learners to improve their employability and economic well-being through practical education.

Investment Rationale

Highly defensible and stable long-term market dynamics have been created as the growing skills gap within the UK labour market causes pressure on the government to support workforce training through increasing funding allocations. The rising level of regulation drives quality, barriers to entry and opportunities for established players such as LCG. The company benefits from a flexible business model between: (i) distance and face-to-face training; and (ii) funding allocations, and has received "Good" or "Outstanding" OFSTED ratings across its business divisions.


Continue to invest in systems and programmes to drive the quality of training up. Develop new initiatives to capture more of the available funding and bring the exceptional education provided by LCG to a wider audience.


Tencate Advanced Armour
2015 Fund
Protection and Security

Tencate Advanced Armour

Tencate Advanced Armour ("Tencate") is a global provider of lightweight, mission critical survivability and protection solutions for people working in hostile environments. Its portfolio of bespoke, highly engineered products covers personal protection as well as applications for land vehicles, aircraft and naval vessels, protects and saves soldiers' and law enforcement personnel's lives.

Investment Rationale

Tencate operates in the highly regulated survivability solutions industry with strong barriers to entry from required certifications. It has a unique market position as a transatlantic, independent global provider. Its facilities in Denmark, France and the United States hold individual certifications and national security clearances, making Tencate a strategic partner to the world's leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), military and law enforcement agencies. With more than 30 years of experience in lightweight composite armour, Tencate is one of the only vertically integrated armour solutions providers with the ability to develop, test and manufacture products in-house.


Diversify key revenue lines and drive geographical expansion to provide even better protection for people working in hostile environments around the world. Implement further operational improvements.


Frontier Medical Group
2020 Fund

Frontier Medical Group

Frontier Medical Group is a leading international designer and manufacturer of skin and wound care products, in particular ulcer prevention products, used by acute and community healthcare providers. The company’s focus on providing high-quality and clinically effective products reduces patients’ pain and discomfort, reduces time spent in treatment, and lowers the overall costs incurred by the healthcare system by preventing issues before they occur.

Investment Rationale

The skin and wound care sector has positive market dynamics, in particular due to the increasing demand for products that address issues related to ageing populations and rising rates of obesity. It enjoys significant defensibility, with positive regulatory forces and high barriers to entry, which have been enhanced by the European Medical Device Regulation. Frontier Medical Group has over 24 years' experience designing, and manufacturing clinically proven products and recent clinical studies have confirmed Frontier’s products as the gold standard for pressure ulcer prevention.


Expand the product range and increase the geographical reach further to have an even greater positive impact on patient outcomes and help reduce total treatment costs for health service providers.


2020 Fund


Prodieco has been a leader in precision engineering for over 60 years, designing, manufacturing, and supplying bespoke precision blister tooling change parts for blister packaging lines for pharmaceutical, animal and consumer health market products globally. Prodieco helps address the growing demand for oral solid dose medication and the related growing regulation around safety. By doing so, it provides safer and more effective ways for patients to take their medication.

Investment Rationale

Prodieco benefits from positive market dynamics: increasing population, increasing use of medication and growing demand for oral solid dose medication and related blister packaging which support the conservation of drugs. The increasing regulation around pharmaceutical packaging aims to eradicate counterfeits or drug contamination and allows patients to rely on fault-free packaging. Prodieco’s unrivalled engineering expertise from decades of designing and manufacturing precision products equips it with a unique understanding and engineering insight into the best possible tool design for each unique format, where success is dependent on high integrity design and extremely precise manufacturing tolerances.


Implement further improvements to deliver operational excellence. Expand the precision tooling product and customer range to increase safety and efficiency for patients in adjacent sectors such as MedTech or biopharma. Enter new geographies.


2013 Fund
Environmental Services


Impetus operates a traditional waste management business, a waste broking business and a small vehicle fleet. It is also the largest landfill operator in the North East, owning and operating two sites.

Investment Rationale

Highly regulated, resilient and non-cyclical industry. Since 1994, UK government policy has been to divert volumes away from landfill by not licensing new landfills and increasing landfill taxes therefore operators with green solutions for waste are better positioned to secure long term contracts.


Transform business from traditional waste management to green solution for waste.


2013 Fund


Ionisos is the leading provider of cold sterilisation services in France and in Spain, serving a wide range of industries including healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Investment Rationale

Highly defensible business displaying positive growth prospects. The service supplied is non-discretionary and mission critical to the customers, the cost of which represents a small proportion of the total product cost. Steady underlying market growth driven by regulation and increasing requirements for sterile products.


Transform the French/Spanish national market leader into an international group.


Recover Nordic
2013 Fund
Environmental Services

Recover Nordic

Recover is a leading supplier of Emergency Response and Damage Control services in the Nordic region, serving a wide range of customers, notably Insurance Companies .

Investment Rationale

Highly defensible business. The mostly non-discretionary need for the Company’s services is triggered by events like water and fire damage, resulting in a stable market with limited cyclicality. 70-80% of the market is served by the top 3 providers. Strong underlying market growth driven by urbanisation, population growth, and increase in property values.


Carve out and integrate the 3 country operations, expand into lateral geographies to create the Nordic market leader


Exemplar Health Care
2015 Fund

Exemplar Health Care

Exemplar is a leading UK provider of high acuity nursing care services for individuals with complex Physical and Mental Disabilities and Learning Disabilities. The business comprises 25 homes spread over 18 sites across Yorkshire, Humberside, the Midlands and the North West.

Investment Rationale

There is a growing need for private sector complex care provision in the UK. Exemplar specialises in high acuity residential Service Users for whom the alternative is often long-term hospital care. Providing residential care for complex cases is a highly defensible sector with significant barriers to entry.


Continue to focus on providing excellent quality of care. Support management in the improvement of systems and processes across the group. Provide capital to develop capacity supporting identified local needs.


As responsible investors we believe that the consideration of environmental, social and corporate governance factors throughout our investment process and during our stewardship of portfolio companies is both ethically right and fundamental to our investment strategy and to long-term value creation.

You can download a copy of the Agilitas 2021 Sustainable Value Creation Report here.

December 2021
Agilitas backs buyout of Prodieco Advanced Engineering Solutions
October 2021
Agilitas bolsters investment team with four new hires
June 2021
Agilitas backs buyout of Frontier Medical Group
May 2021
Agilitas-backed Reconor Group expands with acquisition of Sten & Grus Prøvestenen A/S
May 2021
Agilitas-backed Danoffice IT acquires edgemo A/S
March 2021
Agilitas-backed Learning Curve Group acquires Antrec Limited
March 2021
Agilitas closes latest private equity fund on its hard-cap of €565mn
November 2020
Agilitas sells Exemplar Health Care to Ares Management
November 2020
Agilitas backs buyout of TenCate Advanced Armour
October 2020
Agilitas-backed Danoffice IT acquires Npvision Group A/S
September 2020
Agilitas-backed Learning Curve Group announces acquisition of Acorn Training Consultants
September 2020
Agilitas-backed Learning Curve Group appoints new Chair
June 2020
Agilitas-backed Cibicom acquires ICE Group’s Danish subsidiary ICE Denmark
April 2020
Agilitas completes sale of Recover Nordic to EQT
March 2020
Agilitas backs buyout of Learning Curve Group
December 2019
Agilitas sells Recover Nordic to EQT
July 2019
Hydro International acquires M&N Electrical & Mechanical Services Ltd
June 2019
Gunner Burkhart joins Agilitas's team of Senior Advisors
May 2019
Agilitas-backed Danoffice IT acquires Datacon Enterprise Solutions A/S
May 2019
Agilitas-backed Recover Nordic expands in Finland
April 2019
Agilitas-backed Recover Nordic further expands in Norway
January 2019
Agilitas-backed Teracom Danmark acquires Relacom Denmark A/S
December 2018
Agilitas completes buyout of Teracom Danmark and bolsters senior team
November 2018
Agilitas-backed Hydro International acquires Oxford Scientific Software and bolsters senior team
November 2018
Agilitas-backed Reconor Group expands with acquisition of Hedegaard Miljø AS
October 2018
Agilitas backs buyout of Teracom Danmark
September 2018
Two senior appointments at Agilitas
September 2018
Agilitas-backed Recover Nordic further expands with the acquisition of JK Kloakservice AS
September 2018
New CEO for Agilitas-backed Hydro International
September 2018
Agilitas adds two to Transformation team
July 2018
Further expansion for Agilitas-backed Recover Nordic
February 2018
Agilitas backs buyout of Hydro International
December 2017
Recover Nordic expands in Mälardalen
December 2017
New senior management appointments at Danoffice IT
December 2017
Agilitas completes buyout of DanOffice IT
November 2017
Third acquisition of 2017 for Agilitas-Backed Reconor
October 2017
Reconor acquires Mijodan a/s
July 2017
Agilitas-Backed Exemplar appoints new CFO
June 2017
Reconor completes strategic acquisition
May 2017
Acquisitions increase Recover Nordic reach
May 2017
Agilitas appoints Chief Operating Officer
January 2017
Agilitas adds to the team
January 2017
New Chairman for Exemplar Health Care
July 2016
Agilitas completes Management Buyout of Exemplar Health Care
July 2016
Agilitas sells Ionisos to Ardian
December 2015
Special distinction for Agilitas
September 2015
Agilitas adds to the team
June 2015
Agilitas acquires Danish waste manager
March 2015
Swedish expansion for Recover Nordic
February 2015
Acquisition for Impetus
December 2014
Agilitas backs France's leading sterilisation company
October 2014
Senior appointments at Recover Nordic
October 2014
Agilitas strengthens team
January 2014
Second investment for Agilitas
August 2013
Agilitas acquires ISS Nordic Damage Control
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If you wish to make a complaint about how we have handled your personal information, please contact us at the details below and we will investigate the matter.

If you are not satisfied with our response, or think we’re not processing your personal information in accordance with the law, you can escalate your complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF. Or visit their website

How to contact us

If you have any queries about the contents of this privacy policy, or would like to raise a complaint or comment, please contact us at:

  • Email:; and
  • Mail: 105 Piccadilly, London, W1J 7NJ


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. It enables the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and other display preferences) over a period of time, so you don’t have to keep re-entering them whenever you come back to the site or browse from one page to another.

What cookies will the site use and for what purposes?

Our website uses a number of different cookies to improve the user experience and help us see what is popular:

  • Single session cookies. These enable the site to keep track of your movement from page to page in order to ensure that you will not be asked for the same information you have previously given during your visit to the site. Cookies allow you to proceed through the site quickly and easily without having to authenticate or reprocess each new area you visit. We may use the cookies to analyse user behavior, such as which pages have been visited during the session, in order to improve your overall experience, for example enabling us to determine and display more relevant content.
  • Persistent cookies. These cookies enable us to collect information such as number of visitors to the site and pages visited in order to analyse user behavior. This information is collected in an anonymous form and will be collated with similar information received from other users to enable us to compile reports in order to develop and improve user experience by displaying more tailored and relevant content for example.

How long will the cookies remain on my computer?

The cookies will remain in the cookies file of your browser after the closing of the browser and will become active again when the site is reopened, until removed. The cookie(s) will be deleted after 10 days, but they can be deleted earlier at any time by you. The cookie(s) will not collect any information when you are not accessing the Site.

Third party cookies

The single session and persistent cookies are provided on our behalf by a trusted third party service provider to aid in the reporting of user behavior on the website. This behavior is analysed to provide an improved user experience. The information collected is not linked to personally identifiable information.

How to control cookies

You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish – for details, see You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer and you can set most browsers to prevent them from being placed. If you do this, however, you may have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit a site and some services and functionalities may not work.

Last updated December 2019